Ever notice the similarity between Flat Earthers and people who believe HTML is a programming language?

You can present them with all the reason and logic in the world and they won’t change their minds.

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    Everyone knows you gotta add in the CSS before it becomes a programming language. :^) https://lemire.me/blog/2011/...
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    i was already thinking of a flat-html, kind of FHTML or something...

    but, well, actually someone already did something waaaaay worse!

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    @thatsnotnice Good god who is responsible for such an abomination! Lol I notice the “official site” link just takes you to a squatting page though. You’re telling me HTML-based Flash isn’t going to revolutionize the industry?? 😂
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    Screw you guy HTML is the only programming language worth knowing. Bloody cowboys.
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    @HollowKitty It’s worth adding that while being Turing complete does by definition technically make something a programming language, it says nothing for how usable such a language might be in practice (Turing’s machine, for example).

    I for one would not want to write a program in an emulated Rule 110 cellular automata in HTML+CSS. 😉

    Nevertheless it’s pretty amazing that someone did actually manage to prove that.
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    "HTML is Declarative Programming" and "Giant Guarded Ice Wall + Dome" do indeed seem very similar, now that I think of it 🤔
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    @Condor It’s more the refusal to accept science.

    The earth is flat because we’re being lied to! NASA is a coverup!

    HTML is a programming language because I want it to be!

    Sounds pretty similar to me. 😉
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    Because.. you know.. I don't like science and being told that it's not HTPL but HTML >_<
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    @devios1You say that now, but wait til you see the sweet OS I'm writing in HTML+CSS! :^) :^)
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    @HollowKitty 😂😂 Now that I will have to see!
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    I thought it was a running joke about programmers... are there people who actually think HTML is a programming language?
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    @jonathannerat You can never quite tell if they’re just trolling or they really believe it.
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