Anyone from Netherlands or nearby building something awesome where i can help?

I will be digital nomad for the months of September and October in Netherlands and wish to join anyone there and would love to contribute my web development skills 😊

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    On a professional or more personal/free time/amateur side?
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    For amateur/hobbyist stuff I'd suggest attending hackerspaces.. they're often equipped with a lot of tools, and their members may have good suggestions.. for more international stuff, collab should have some projects over here of which some may interest you.

    Of course for the professional stuff there's job applications, freelancing etc. I'm a Belgian so no idea about what's out there in the Netherlands, but I'm sure that professional jobs call for professional applications.. be sure to review and if necessary update and polish your CV!
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    @linuxxx mostly free time amateur but will be open if you have something professional to offer
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    @Condor i would love to relocate to Belgium or Netherlands, do companies there accept applications without references? If so please let me know some good i would love to apply.

    Also hackerspace considered 👍
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    @v1shky No idea to be honest. I haven't looked into jobs myself yet, so no clue as to what the corporate status quo is here.
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