The internet has interesting quirks.
If someone offers me something for "FREE", I immediately close the tab. On the other hand if it's for "free", I might consider it.

I don't know why marketers think "FREE" works on customers.

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    Free with 19.99 postage... Sure, bargain!
    Edit: Realised its about capitals. People who advertise in full capitals deserve shooting
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    because for many low end businesses, when it comes to clients/users, the dumber the better.

    the dumb rate must be eventually higher in full capitals 😂
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    Because most customers aren't you?
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    It actually works. Because in "the developed countries" FREE means you get it for FREE and you DON'T have to pay for ANYTHING. The EMPHASIS is on FREE STUFF. Jesus, I hate people who type like this. I immediately assume they're dumb and try to ignore them as much as possible. Bad thing is, they're the majority of people who get around the web and who influence fuckwats in upper management that writing like that will attract customers, because they're the literal customer themselves, too. God, I'm so angry right now. Fuck.
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