I tried pihole because of the community and now I love it
Thanks to all

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    Wtf… pihole was the name of my seldom-updated dev blog from like 15 years ago.

    WHO STOLE MY NAME!! Lol jk

    But srsly what is it now?
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    @devios1 pihole is a dns server for pi that blocks ads
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    @elblogbruno Ah yeah of course it’s something raspberry pi related now. I always thought it was a clever name. Figures someone else would think of it eventually. 🙂 As I recall I only ever got the .org domain.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 Holy Shit! Not only do I apparently still own it, my blog is still up and running on it! I’d just abandoned it years ago and somehow assumed it was long gone!

    Time for a (probably embarrassing) trip down memory lane!! 😂
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