about one and a half years ago I wrote my first application ^-^
it generates a little christmas tree with lights on the CLI.
and I still feel the same joy as back then when something actually works out :)

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    Beautiful. It's often the simplest little things that bring us joy.

    For instance, I've got this alias: asdf="echo 'hang in there.'" I've carried it around with me for years. Anyway, infinitely simpler than your CLI, but brightens my day just a bit, every once in a while.
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    Somehow I instantly thought of the CHRISTMA malware 🤔 looks neat though!
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    If I turn the brightness of my phone to the minimum and scroll fast,it appears as if the edges of the trees are moving 😳.
    A weird optical illusion. Or am I hallucinating.?
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    Haha cute! It almost looks fractally. How are you generating the variation to the pattern?

    @ceee Could it be an artifact of the checkerboard pattern of the characters?
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    @andros705 haha 🤣
    It was around 3 in the morning when I wrote that comment. But I wasn't drunk 😅.
    It's noon now and I am still getting the optical illusion if I turn the brightness low,and scroll up and down. 😅
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    @devios1 I don't think I have access to the code anymore and it's been a while...
    I'll try to boot my old laptop and find it again :)
    But I think it was just a bunch of while and rand() ^-^'
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    @bezorp I think I might just go and add that alias too ^-^
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