Had to do one of those at-home tasks instead of a technical interview as part of applying for a (junior) positon with this startup that is using a blockchain for medical records. The task is build the api to interface with the records. Both for searching and crud operations, (Using a json array of records in local file for mock db) in 2 hours.
Ok fine, doesnt sound totally unreasonable, so I did what I could (which is all but tests, it worked at least)
But thats like 2/3 of what their actual production system is, built in 2 hours, for free. Theres 6 hr + in a work day, and the position is a 24mos contract....
Maybe its just me cause this is the first one of these Ive ever done, but it seems unreasonable that in order to qualify I need to do in 2 hrs what an entire team did in weeks.

I get they want to see if an applicant wasn't lieing on their cv, but damn...
Thats like saying In order to show your good enough for an entry level poistion on the Facebook team, you need to build Facebook; before lunchtime, its 7am. GOGOGO! lol

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