Am I the only one who thinks that in the age of .NET Core, Mono is legacy?

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    Can .net-core run .exe-files?
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    @metamourge if you mean .NET Framework exe files, then no; it can't. But it can run .NET Core console apps

    The point is, the only thing .NET Core cannot do yet that Mono can, is Windows Forms; another legacy technology.

    And with legacy, I mean not suitable for new apps.
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    Absolutely. At this point, I hope that Core will replace Framework eventually making C# a 100% cross-platform opensource programming language.
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    It's planned for dotnet core 3!

    It does *not* make it cross platform though. It's just a way to add new features/improvements to windows forms without breaking backwards compatibility with .Net Framework.

    Cross platform UI's are hard to get right. I haven't seen any successful implementation that didn't had to do compromises to get it right. The hard part is to make it look native the the platform running it.
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    Also, did you see those new cool toys running .Net in the browser? Client side using .Net through web assembly?

    They use mono for it because the Roslyn compiler itself can't be compiled to webassembly if I understand correctly.

    So there still is a place for mono for the time being :)
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    @tsirpos it cant do any kind of gui for linux?
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    There is a console UI project on GitHub https://github.com/migueldeicaza/...

    I've been planning to play with it some day :)

    But I'm sure there are Linux specific UI project also.
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    @pieteckhart That is what we are using at company. But it's not true gui. Does what its supposed to, though. At least for us.
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