What do you mean by you'll shut down the government?!! The government will go on a fucking strike!!? How the fuck does that work?!! You can't make people pass laws by blackmailing that you'll stop doing your job that's so critical to the country!! You are the fucking president!!

Indian politics and laws are not perfect either... But I can't really imagine a prime minister here pulling shit like this!! Not that if I can't imagine it can't happen... Indian politicians know how to stopping lower and lower! But dafuq is that baffoon of a leader thinking!?

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    The government here already shut down a few years ago.
    It just means that they didn't pass a budget so they can't pay people and they have to go on unpaid leave.

    It's not ideal but it's not as intense as it sounds.
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    @Nevoic Yeah I am aware of the running out of budget situation... So Is this a similar situation? Or is the guy is threatening to do it intentionally this time? I am not clear on this I guess!
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    Could you explain me guys what's happening?
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    @kai18 yeah so the federal budget process is fairly complicated, so I'll be vastly over simplifying it.

    But the president requests a budget, then there are a multitude of steps within Congress that occur where the president isn't involved, but none of these steps involve any laws/taxes being enacted (because the president would have to sign).
    Then after all that, it goes to the president and he either passes or vetos it.

    If he vetos it, it goes back to Congress and they can override it with 2/3rds vote (IMO this would rarely happen with a budget resolution).

    So the president does really have the power to shut down the government, unless our divided Congress can come together to pass a budget, but they couldn't even come to a consensus a few years ago, and it didn't even make it to Obama for him to pass/veto.
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    @kai18 in this situation, the president is threatening to just veto the bill if his demands aren't met, which is a much more authoritarian stance than is normally taken by presidents.
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    @const the above should answer your question, lmk if you need clarification on something.
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