Comcast has called me every day for the past week. Everytime I pick up there's a two second pause and then they hang up.

Now they left me a voice message saying they have an important notice about my account and they need to get ahold of me.

They call again- and immediately hang up.

Why. Fix your automated phone service ffs!

It's Comcast supports actual number, verified. Not even a scammer or such.

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    @lunorian Would there be a point in immediately hanging up? Some kind of long distance scheme?
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    Spoofing the number...

    What if they do it with the actual number.. when you call back, you'd be calling the real number, isn't it?

    Is the number that left the voicemail identical to the number failing to call you?
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    @xewl Yep, makes no sense right?
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