I've been absolutely impressed with the latest kde plasma desktop on my arch. The plasma team has done an absolute stellar job. I've been using xfce mainly it's very simple and less resource hungry.

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    Unlike the older kde , this one is really fast and the new dark breeze theme is beautiful. Only caveat is kde still has a lot of settings but I can live with it .
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    @http418 thanks for sharing. I was a hard core bspwm and i3 fan but recently decided to take a look at DMs instead of WMs and absolutely loved Gnome. Tried Plasma but it wasn't "minimalistic" enough 😁
    I guess I'll give it a try. I not like I'm using 100% of my Xeon!
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    @benj the problem with kde is , it's too much customisable, I've already wasted too much time playing with the settings, with xfce it's like straight to work 🤣
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    @http418 hmmm... But, if you have ever rice... That's what I call TOO MUCH CUSTOMIZABLE!! 😂

    Take a look at /r/unixporn
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