Working full time as a "Protocol Engineer" for a big company, taking care of pretty much everything related to AS/NAS on the network layer (2G, 3G, 4G).

I hate it, but it pays really well.

On my free time, revising ML/DL stuff from Udacity's nano (finished it last year) while studying for the VR nano and keeping my coding skills fresh (basic to advanced structures, coding strategies, best practices and stuff).

Love it, but usually I pay a heavy price to keep my mind in place.

Sometimes I just wish to give everythin up and travel the world with my 2 bucks and just try to get some rest. :v

To all of you who go through this kind of stuff, how are you holding up?

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    I have no idea what I'm doing in my current job, but I am still managing to get shit done, and my boss seems happy enough for him to have given me multiple raises over the course of 3 years. I feel you, man, at the very least it sounds like you definitely know your stuff!

    As for coping with the stress, thankfully my college buddies live near me. So we just get together once or twice a month to play some kickass boardgames.
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    @monzrmango Well, that's nice. I wish my college friends were living close by, but I'm living almost out of town now. So it's really rare to see anyone show up here and it's a pain to get a bus and try to find anyone.

    But at least they're online almost everyday, so we can punch some allies in the face and try to get at least on top 10 for Fortnite.

    Still, I miss the free time at college, spending the whole afternoon playing chess or worms (good old days of ninja rope)
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