My Dad: "Hey since you mostly use your desktop, could I borrow your laptop for my trip?"
He just wants to play World of Warcraft but there is no way I'm going to let him have access to my PC after years of fixing his computer. Because he's my dad and helped pay for the laptopn, I can't just say no without him getting flustered so this is what happened.

Me: "Yeah sure, you'll just need to find whether or not WoW, works with a windows emulator and hunt down how to configure that."

D: "Why can't you do it?"

M: "I've never done it. Its like the price to borrow."

D: >:| "I'll ask your brother."

He did end up borrowing my brothers laptop for the trip because he was running windows and didn't have a good excuse. I just helped him uninstall the blizzard client, WoW, avast, and McAfee that was installed over the weekend.

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    Installing things on someone else's machine?
    How rude!
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    ....You're using Linux though. Set up an account not in the sudoers group for him, install wine + WoW and he can't do any damage D:
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    @soulsuke tbh I just don't want him to have my laptop
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    Make a new limited user account and install just wow?
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