I love linux but it doesn't run Windows applications natively, but Windows doesn't have the awesome UNIX shell so I'm kinda stuck

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    I have a windows machine that stays off most of the time, but that I turn on and connect from my linux desktop via parsec, if I want to play one of the very few games that absolutely requires a windows machine to play.

    It was a bit expensive, but I'm very happy with it. This way I get to keep my far more powerful linux desktop and native shell.
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    Actually, You can use a Linux terminal on Windows 10, there is a feature called WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Try googling.
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    @zlice cygwin compared to Linux terminal is like sex compared to sex toys, both are fun but not the same. 😅
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    I feel the same way about WSL. It's a stunted, crippled version of the real thing.
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    @bahua What about PCI passthrough for your GPU? That way you get to keep Linux for the host.
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    @bahua but if you are kind of stuck in between Linux and Windows its the best way to go.
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    I suppose, but doing it over the network-- especially my home network --works perfectly. That's far more preferred for me, in terms of hassle.
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    @bahua Fair enough
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