Had to go outside to check my balance, but it's thundering right now.. I know that there's street lights everywhere that are a far better conductor than I am. But 1MV at 100kA is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. I made it one way, let's see if I can make it back as a living human. But I feel like I'm teasing nature...

I'm scared.. 😰

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    Meanwhile, the real death risk are careless drivers.
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    @Fast-Nop say that in this stupid weather 😰 I found shelter in a bus stop right next to my home but can't leave it because I'm carrying my headset with me and the rain would destroy it. And there's lightning bolts all over the place... Can't risk it. I thought that today's hot weather was going to be the climax of this heatwave.. if only I knew!
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    Made it.. that was one expensive bank note 😅
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    @Condor Don't worry about your headset too much, I've taken mine in much worse conditions and it still works after 2 years
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    @Condor The image looks like you were in a crime location.
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    @Nitin1607 innocent citizen here! 100 meters further there totally wasn't a construction site for a G-lo-.. ehm, innocent citizen!! Please don't raid my home >_<
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    @Condor I am able to sense innocence of a seri-a-ahh serious person.
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    @Nitin1607 Absolutely, I'm 100% serious about preserving these hidden bod-ie-eeehm bodily functions from electrocution, in this thunderstorm!
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