Just installed Visual Studio Code on my fresh machine and finally got the chance again to cherry pick extensions and themes :D

What Extensions and Themes have you installed and which do you frequently use?(doesn't matter for which programming language)

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    Debugger for Chrome if you plan to introduce bugs on frontend

    gitlens to quickly figure out how once good code turned into this current monstrosity (and who to blame)

    EditorConfig so we can all believe to have unified settings over different IDEs

    Markdown AIO... well, to know where your MD-by-heart skill sucks

    Material Theme and Material Icon Theme because everyone is fed up with default stuff

    TSLint if you want to blame TypeScript coding style instead of JavaScript business logic
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    a couple of stuff for PHP (intelephanse - misspelled), my own (Tree View), customized theme (should be in a gist) based on OneDark Pro, GitLens ... and those should summarize the main ones
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    Blueberry dark theme
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