Someone saw that i didn't use mouse while typing code and asked me how do i do that and i told him that i just use vim. He didn't know what it is and i told him some things that it has a learning curve and stuff and he told me that he will definetely look into it.

Come to the dark side kid.

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    last time i told someone at work i use vim they got pretentious as fuk -.- or rather acted like i was
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    @oudalally for something that you use just once in a while, it is surely counter productive to learn, and a lot of people start using it as a main driver thinking that it's faster that way. Here I sit, in pair programming sessions, seeing how the other dev wastes both of our time trying doing simple things, or not being able to do them at all.
    If it weren't such a religion around it, I might have treated it more seriously.
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    So true though, the only program where I absolutely have to use a mouse is the god damn web browser, and even then I know tons of hotkeys... If I could navigate YouTube with a keyboard, that would be awesome :(
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    @tokumei Oh boy, let me tell you about qutebrowser, an open source browser that you can navigate entirely with vim-commands
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    @tokumei not a vim user here but there is a vim plugin for chrome which seems to be pretty nice (judging the comments it got here)
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    Omg fellow keyboarders


    Isn't it so much fucking faster?

    I posted a thread on this awhile ago. I was just proud of learning every single kb shortcut and commented on how it's like ten times faster and got hated on.

    Jealous bastards.
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