So this morning I read this article where the author said "Javascript is a beautiful language [...] because it creates good, responsible, and intelligent developers." Why? Because by worrying by "getting your head ripped off" you learn to adapt and overcome.

Though I almost laughed and woke everybody else up, I must admit that it isn't that crazy of a statement. Right?


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    It sounds like the author's thought process would lend itself to anti-defensive coding practices.

    Like "why support other developers with type annotations and clean code, when having to work with shitty, complex code makes them 'better developers' "

    The argument that being in a shitty environment produces good code makes me think this guy has never worked in an Enterprise environment with hundreds of thousands of lines of C/C++ code.

    Let me tell you, it doesn't.
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    @Nevoic Do you find JavaScript being a shitty environment? (not because it's an environment, but you get me...)
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    @ScriptCoded yeah. It's dynamically typed, which means the language is designed to propogate type errors to runtime instead of designing an in-depth typing system capable of handling changing runtime requirements. Pretty much just throwing safety out the window for the convienence of the language designer.

    Then they convinced the public that dynamic languages were the savior languages, by removing type annotations and shortening up some overly verbose 20+ year old static code.
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    When in actuality conciseness is not an advantage of dynamic languages. Look at Crystal vs Ruby. Identical syntax (mostly), but Crystal is static, faster, safer, etc.
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