!rant (kinda)

So I'm currently working on a personal project, where the concept is something, that if I wanted to, I could probably make a decent penny off of it.

The plan is to make it open source, and not charge anything for it, and when I tell this to non-dev people, they're almost shocked! Why would I not take an opportunity to make a lot of money!?

Well basically I think it's awesome to have open-source software, and I really want to "contribute to the society". And only after like 10 minutes, people start understanding my point, to just help people make something new, instead of being a greedy person, and keep it private, making it unavailable for a lot of people.

Hopefully I'm not the only one with this mindset?

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    IMO if you make something new that could be used by others to improve our technology, it is reasonable to make it open source. Integrating it to customer needs or providing support is other thing - that should be paid.
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    I'm right fucking with you on this mindset.
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    @linuxxx well your username is literally Linux, so I kinda figured you'd be on board 😂
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    @KasperNS I'm the more sexy one, though 😏
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    @linuxxx for sure 😏
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