Fuck you thesaurus.com!

Those fools, dorks, weirdos and dweebs pioneered, crafted and shared the very architecture that not only holds up your companies your limp dick of backbone but is also the very reason for your pitiful fucking existence.

The brightest minds and best engineers of the 20th century handed your thick headed underachieving ass their creation on a royalty free platter and single handedly gave you - a fucking moron the power to compete with and dominate oxfords gigantic print empire.

We gave you a means to distribute and centralise up to date information globally in seconds only to find you now, back in your cave, living in the dark ages.

Hope you enjoy playing with your rock, you guys really do have an unbelievable amount in common.👌

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    @jschmold that's not normal cultures view or representation of a techie. I think Jerk, techie, goofball and trekkie are the valid - I've worked with quite a few but come on, where the fuck does fool or oaf come in?

    Anyway the I'm offended tag is a joke, I just spent the last 18 hours of my public holiday wrestling a server for people who didn't know it's fucked, have no idea how hard I worked and how much of a miracle it is that everything's working and don't appreciate it... so fuck it I'll join the rest of the world and rant about unfair treatment of a minority too.

    #techlifesmatter and were often expected too fuck our work/life balance on a whim or work until 4am and still come in or be available the following day.
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    @jschmold Well that escalated quickly... relax it's just a rant - read it as satire, I'm not having an existential crisis or anything.

    All I was implying is that if I have to listen to most of the world crying about history injustice and how they are being misrepresented, I'll throw my 2c in, as meaningless as it is. If i need to focus on not misappropriating someones gender I don't think it's asking too much for them to pay a little respect by updating incorrect a 1984 reference to the people who built the modern world and not calling them fools.
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    @jschmold I was beginning to think it indirectly bothered you more than me. Glad we cleared that up! 😂 😂 😂

    Thank you for your concern for my sanity though, you could have simply scrolled on but didn't and that's exactly why #techlifesmatter 😜
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    @jschmold Yip, I can't even find the right words to explain it. Luckily there's always syntax!

    $ cat .gitignore > /dev/null 2>&1 &
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