Friend (civil engineer) : bro do you have windows cd?
Me : no but why?
F: I want to format my pc.
M : then buy genuine copy.
F : don't want to waste money in that.
M : then don't cry for lagging windows 😂😂😂
F : do you have any cost efficient way?
M : yes ,but tell me one thing ,why do you need a computer?
F : browser , office , Dropbox ( cad installed in his desk which have genuine windows)

*After 10 minutes of conversation*

F: I will bring laptop , install Ubuntu in it

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    Tbh we need that Microsoft word tho
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    Why would he have to buy a Genuine copy if he had an OEM version pre-installed? I'm going to assume that he doesn't but none the less, if he had Windows pre-installed, then he would not have had an install media available anyway. That, and with Windows 10, the serial key is now attached to your Microsoft account, which means - you can install it using any means and it'll activate the license as soon as you connect to the internet and sign in to your Microsoft account.

    So, in short, going out and buying a "genuine" copy to reinstall a preinstalled OS, is just wasteful.
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    @growling MS rewrote the whole thing is JS. I looked at it not to long ago in their one drive site and was actually impressed! (Not that I'd use it though... I'm sticking with txt, org-mode, latex or anything else but MS!)
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    @undef again - not the case with Windows 10, the license is tied to your Microsoft account, which, got upgraded when you did the free upgrade to Win10. You can still attach the license to your MS account, if it hasn't already been, by just logging into one. Unless it's Windows 7 or earlier we're talking about here.
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    @undef I started looking it up and promptly realized that we're talking about different things (my fault for not being clear enough).

    What I meant was that you no longer need to physically input a serial key:
    1)It's probably already saved somewhere inside EFI;
    2)It's gets attached to your MS account and Windows gets activated once you sign in (I've done this myself.. on my personal Laptop with OEM license and legacy BIOS tho) to the same account on the same machine post-install;

    What I find interesting, however, is that when I still had Windows on my desktop, I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on it, and it pulled the license and upgraded activated it when I logged into my MS account. It also upgraded my license on my new Windows from Home to Pro the same way. The license that's attached to my MS account is from Dell OEM Windows 7 Pro, upgraded to Windows 10 via the free upgrade during the now past free upgrade period.
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    @undef basically, my point still stands - you don't have to go out and buy a new, genuine, Windows license if you intend to 'reinstall' your Windows, even if it's OEM.

    However, it's worth pointing out that you have the option to "Reset this PC" in Windows to restore it to a freshly installed Windows state.
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