my way to make cheat sheet

just doing for myself

basic command


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    Looks really nice. Good job!
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    @Jilano ty

    I am working on it

    once it done , I will share.
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    @import-fun I'm a vi user as well and I do sometimes forget some of the commands. Looking forward to the finished cheatsheet πŸ˜„
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    i just started learning it

    attached cheat sheet's print out on front arround my desk but every time ,i have to see differnt printout so decided to make one page cheat sheet.
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    @import-fun please do include copy n paste, search n replace
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    just rough structure

    for copy and paste
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    This is great. Though I would argue to put 'r' in the middle
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    @bezorp changing "Adam" to "Jo" would be ok for you?
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    cursor moving is done.

    cut paste done

    now working on editing.

    it will be kiddish cheat sheet ever :D
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    @import-fun yeah, whatever works for you. Sorry, just saw the last picture now.

    I would differentiate between y^ and y0 by adding some whitespace to the beginning of the line. Not sure off the top of my head if there's an equivalent for the end of the line.

    Edit: Also I meant "r" in the middle of the first picture (for inserting). So like IiraA
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    change : c

    copy : y

    delete : d

    is same.

    so this structure can apply in any situation

    that's why I am adding maximum command of one particular (y copy)

    so structure will same for all
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    :e and :e! will both work for reload.
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    500 years ago, they would have burnt you for possession of such a sheet.
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    @Fast-Nop they only burnt my body
    My soul possess this body
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