Just sold my soul for that freaking mug, but I think it worst the fact that I will not be bothered anymore while drinking my coffee.

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    📌 also interested in that
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    @CoffeeNcode, @Bitwise, it was in a rock market, but they told me they have a website (satanisgay.com I guess). The devil have to be modern to make some profits in our days...
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    @Keran I'm currently pondering on whether devout Christians would be offended by that mug
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    Imagine using this mug on the office and people staring at you
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    @devTea give them the evil eye 🤘 ~ Dio
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    @jAsE He's to cool to repent that's why he stayed in hell
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    @devTea it stayed down there for the better music
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    @jAsE I have met a few religious people that are touchy about anything that is outside of their worldview. Mind that I said a few, not all. :)
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