$cash me outside, how 'bout that?

What do people use (I'm specifically interested in UK, but all answers welcome!) for P2P payments?

I like square cash, just so that I can say that. Monzo next, and the I guess direct bank transfer but only with a handful of people I really know. You wouldn't want to give it to stranger, and its a cumbersome process.

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    I only do bank transfers really, it’s such a rarity that I need P2P transfers beyond family / my incredibly limited social circle.

    I’d probably just use Monzo tbh.
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    @Brolls Monzo is pretty good in that you don't need an account and you can pay with Apple/Google pay which makes it quick.

    I used to be fine with cash but I've been mugged a few times now, just not worth it.
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    @nate whaaaaat? I’ve never been mugged. Maybe I’m just too scary looking? Idk?!
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    @Brolls I think it was targeted (people who knew I had cash) and to be honest I didn't help myself, walking alone and looking pretty vulnerable early morning.
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