The most annoying thing DEBUGGING

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    *10 minutes later*

    Oh hey Xcode thanks for telling me about the syntax error for your verbose as fuck language
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    They’re nice errors though, Xcode can automatically fix them
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    Unfortunately debugging is an important part of programming. And hey, it helps your creative problem solving ability.

    Beside that, the more bugs you fix, the easier you can avoid bugs!
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    Bt we learn through debugging !!
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    Light themed directory tree and dark themed code? Im disturbed­čśĽ
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    I work with a guy who is trying to learn programming and told him he needed to debug something. His reaction was “I hate debugging!”

    Look, if you want to be a programmer you better get to like it quick, because you are going to be doing this a LOT.

    I love debugging. Getting to step through your program and see it happening right before your eyes is amazing. And it sure makes catching bugs easier.
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