So how do you deal with the "brilliant jerk" who is the CEO's golden chlid?

Seriously - this is one of the biggest challenges of my professional career. I have team members that have begged to not be on projects with him and others that have threatened to quit if he ever moves into a leadership role.

Has anyone dealt with this?

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    Yup. Fucking intimidate the prick.
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    Or you could stop acting like a child and learn to get along.

    Seriously. You arent going to like every single person you work with. Are you going to avoid everyone? What if they're your boss? What if they're your tester? What if they're your team lead? Project manager? Domain expert?
    Are you just going to keep alienating yourself from people.. For what reason? You never actually said. Are your personalities just not compatible? Did they give you feedback you couldnt handle? I dont know what "brilliant jerk" means, but it makes me think those are the reasons. And they arent good enough reasons if you consider yourself to be a proffessional
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    @illusion466 this person is the one that cannot work with anyone. Condescending, subversive, puts people against one another.

    I think you may have misunderstood
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    and he's the vp of CEO golden Boy
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    Hey... I'm a brilliant jerk, I take offense.

    So here's my defense:

    Everything is about communication without losing face.

    1. When jerk is condescending, find a coworker, sit down with jerk. Two against one makes your complaint more plausible.

    2. Whatever you do, don't turn it into a trial or interrogation. You just sit down with jerk, tell him/her that their way of presenting facts doesn't work for you. Make it sound like the weakness is on both sides and you want to meet in the middle, so jerk doesn't feel the need to be defensive.

    3. Sit down with CEO (again, with coworker), and tell them you appreciate jerk for their contributions (even if you don't), but that jerk has some communicative issues. Propose to send jerk on training. If culture within the company is that everyone works on their team skills, jerk can do this without losing face.

    I do also agree with @illusion466 though — a professional doesn't avoid, they either suck it up, or fix it by communicating in a deescalating way.
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    oh brilliant jerk

    mine not brilliant

    just dictator jerk
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