Do you need a degree to become a software engineer ?

Now this is a question I’ve seen many people ask. I personally have no degree and I’ve been doing programming for the past 10 years (since I was 18 ). Whatever I learned, I learned from reading and watching tutorials.
So far It wasn’t a problem for me.

What do u guys think and what is your experience is this matter ?

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    It helps building a ground for them to start at. Not everyone can learn from zero just by tutorial, sure maybe you got friends or someone to help, but sometimes there is just no one round you, so left all alone. School only teach the basics tho, and some maths behind them
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    One shouldn't need a degree for anything, but it helps for convincing people that you have a domain of knowledge on one broad subject. A degree is more about how others see you than the knowledge you really have. That's how I see it.
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    my exp is worst in this case.

    I have two year drop in graduation.

    Now I am working as a web developer and freelancer in ethical hacking. My teacher's ask me help to modified our college website.

    Who teaching web development from 6-7 years.

    Yup due to gov regulation. If you want job in MNC then graduation important or on talent you can get job anywhere.

    It is gov scam ,only graduate get job in MNC and big companies because if MNC start giving job to undergraduate's Many people's like me never attained clg again.

    And it is universal fact that education system is machine to convert black money into white for politician.
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    Getting a professional/career degree would matter in the Software Development market if you expect yourself move to another country because working for a company is required. If that's not your plan, you're good to go.
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    There are countries where you won't get anywhere without formal education, and there are other countries where things are less formal. So it depends also on where you are, or where you are willing to go.

    I wouldn't have gotten any serious job without degree because already the job ads clearly say that a degree in CS or EE or equivalent is required.
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    I don't know where people take the confidence from to say they want to do ANY kind of engineering without a degree. No one would let someone without a degree built a plane so why should someone write code without it, its just some sort of engeneering and one should never be allowed to practice it without a degree.
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    @S-Homles-MD wise words
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    @BilboSwaggins most of the stuff you will learn in a degree you can study alone , unlike building a plane .

    Also Im not talking about guidance. I’m trying understand if it worth the money and time ?
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    Depends on the people who ask(if you know they can't handle self tutoring they need the formal degree...)
    the job market,country...
    I don't think it's the time we can ditch completely degrees from our field...the average cs,ce,ee student and people in general don't have the patience and willingness to learn and practice and be the best version of themselves(regarding to our field)....don't consider the exceptions to be the normal...
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