Why didn't i use 2880x1620 resolution on my zenbook before?
Jesus it feels that i got so much more space and and it's pretty awesome

tmux + i3wm feels even more awesome

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    Setting native resolution should be the first thing to check after getting a new display/gpu/laptop. After that it should be fairly obvious if another resolution is chosen.
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    when i first installed arch it has 4k resolution and it was very hard for me to read the text so i changed it to classic 1920 without checking other resolutions.

    But i read something somewhere and thought about trying to change it to see how it feels like and it's pretty awesome.

    1920 felt that it wasted a lot of space
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    A coworker of mine was working for a cheap solution to get us three monitors, because we both wanted more space. Then he got two 4k monitors and doesn't care anymore, because there is so much space :D

    (I still want three, but it's not really necessary, so eh)
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    @woops Changing resolution with the intention of changing UI and font sizes is inherently wrong. Very few displays look good outside of their native resolution (which is usually the highest they support). The right way is to change UI scaling inside the OS settings.
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