I'm building a web app with little experience and I'm probably Googling stuff 50% of the time and I'm sure I'm doing everything the wrong way but it works so...

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    It's normal and you are on the right road...
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    Im pretty sure 100% of everything i do is googled
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    Almost of us do that, just make sure it’s dine correctly instead of raw copy paste
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    Good on you!

    Coding something and not knowing what you're doing is the best way to learn :)

    Good luck!
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    Think of it as a circular maze. You are right now on the outer most circle. You complete one round, you get to an inner circle and so on. With every inner circle move you're learning newer and better ways of closing the circle.
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    When i created my first C# app I googled 100% of problems i encountered (mostly syntax and how to do a simple *insert simple operationbor algorithm*)
    Now i google very rarely because i know the enviroment and how to fix my errors by using tools that i never thought existed.
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    @gymmerDeveloper I started in the center of the maze and every time I thought I escaped, I realized there was an even bigger circle of knowledge around that one that I didn't know. The maze keeps growing and every time I learn 1 thing I realize 10 more things I don't know.
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    So I think the reason I’m feeling like this is a mediocre project at best is because I started out building everything from scratch, no frameworks or libraries except for jquery and sass, mostly because I had no idea what to use. Now I’m wishing I started off doing more research.
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    It's good you are doing it 50% of the time. I think I'm googling pretty much all the time 😂
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    You are on the right track.
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