Yet another someone just contacted me about having a "great idea for an app".

That's a justified rant all by itself.

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    Ah jesus you're missing an opportunity of a lifetime probably, let me guess that app is supposed to make millions ? 😁
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    "Can you help me code a few parts of the app I'm working on?" - them
    "Eh, my schedule is kinda tight, but I can try. What parts do you need help on?" - me
    "[insert many large parts of the app], also, can you teach me how to code? And which language would be a good to learn for mobile devices?" - them
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    big mistake buddy....

    lol reminds me of when Ari Shaffir worked for the Holy Spirit himself.

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    Every goddamn time
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    And the next question...

    How much is it gonna cost them 😰😰😰😰😰
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    It's as if they think the idea is the hardest part...
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