You know you're fucked when you start searching answers on quora instead of Stack Overflow.

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    - 2nd page of Google search
    - Pornhub comments section
    - Yahoo answers
    - Reddit
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    @bigus-dickus Pornhub comment section is actually a lot more helpful than most people believe
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    You know you're fucked when there's nothing in docs and error message is null, now go back to docs
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    @earl I wouldn't know, so I'll trust you on this one
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    I never find stack overflow particularly helpful.. Its always some random dudes blog article
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    @bigus-dickus reddit has helped me with more than stack overflow has.
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    @Bubbles call me a cunt if you want to but in all honesty, I wouldn't last a day if it wasn't for SO.
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    @bigus-dickus no need to be hostile on here friend. We all just have different experiences on different sites
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    @Bubbles oh no I wasn't being hostile, no way! I was just being sarcastic. I'm never hostile to anyone here. I know SO may not be the most comfortable place, I get it.
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    @bigus-dickus I'm kinda new to it and I had to post one simple question somewhere else and they never looked back at the original after putting it on hold or something even though I fixed the issue as soon as I got on the site the next time, I waited like 5 days and it wasnt worth..
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    @Bubbles @bigus-dickus I need to give it a try to Stack Overflow. I just search my questions. Everytime I find answers on different places: blog posts, medium, SO etc etc
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    Although Quora has a friendlier community.
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