Sometimes Im pretty impressed and envious by the skills of my fellow students.

Usually it looks like this:

me: So Uhm what u got for the <insert class here>?

him/her: Well its pretty simple algorithm which has big O of (Log(n)/1000000) which also mines bitcoin in the meanwhile and yeah, last night I figured out that it now generates electricity...

me: Uhm... My program prints Hello world... But backwards...

Like for real, sometimes I wish I find the motivation, to be awake 2 days straight just bursting with ideas of some crazy shit. Right now Im like 'You see that star behind that cloud? Jup it shines too bright, gotta get some sleep' -> Browsing devrant...

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    I feel you. It took me a while - and actually I'm still working on it - to develop a habit of coding a bit every day to get better, and also to have more confidence into my skills.

    Sometimes it helps to just take a step back and see what one has accomplished. One has grown. We just tend not to notice our own growth, since we tend to compare ourselves to the super cool people. We tend to forget that they started with a "hello world" at some point too, and probably made the same mistakes we did.

    It just takes patience to practice the craft.
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    Him/her is still a noob, or else he/she would know that you drop constants from BigO notation. It's just O(log n), the 1 million is irrelevant.
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