friend : bro which phone may I buy?
me : mi / honor

next day
f : bro are you sure?
m : yup pretty sure ,in your budget this 2 are best phone

after 3-4 day
f : bro I buy phone.
m : congo , which pne ?
f : oppo f9


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    I hate those brands so much :x
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    @Kirito-kun they are worst compare to mi in price to spec ratio
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    @import-fun @Kirito-kun I was talking about Xiaomi/Huawei. And it's because of the whole marketing of the brands, which I won't go into. They basically want to be Apple for Android.
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    i don't know about huawei but I support mi

    ya they are giving nice price to specs ratio ,apple is differnent genere ,iPhone fans never accept any android phone either it is one plus or any other ,

    mi giving competition to oppo ,vivo,samsung and other companies in $100-$300 price range
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