API response.
For a week been working with my project manager remotely.
Then yester night had a tough one.
Me:Please send me the API endpoint so that can test it and see the response.
Him:On my side all is set just consume the response.
Me:As a practice I did first test the API using postman and the response was okay.
Me:As I had already prepared my Retrofit code to consume and parse the response I head to it.
Me:Fast forward 20 minutes into the application I realise getting some unexpected errors thanks to the guy who didn't follow my response format.
Me:I call him asking him to check how he formatted the response .
Him:He claims he formatted it as requested .
Me: Double check my work and am damn right and now raise my voice as I talk to him again and requests him to send me a screenshot of his response and I send mine.
From the screenshots turns out his response is okay as he is working from a damn localhost and my response was coming from the live server.
Feel like strangling him for wasting my previous 30 minutes

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    I wouldn't use retrofit, just stick with OKHttp, you have more control
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    ...and insomnia instead of postman.
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