Except I know nothing about how to use it.

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    Just turn color indication on and pretend to be a hacker 😂
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    just don't have files over 30m lines, becomes pretty slow then 🙃
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    Wireshark is beginner friendly so it's not difficult to use.

    How can you think it's the best open source project if you don't even use it? Lol xD
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    It's pretty basic if you understand packets.
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    Haha, I have the same thing in bettercap-ng. Amazing tool for network poisoning, but since I last used it about a year ago, the interface changed so much that I have no idea how to use it anymore.. kinda sucks really 😔
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    @Michelle I lived in L.A. for 8 years... I miss it a lot

    where in California are you from?
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    I'm from a small city near San Jose.
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