Lately I am working using icestorm!
I know very few people know it, mainly beacuse not a lot of us works with FPGAs.
It is foundamental for the open source scene because is the only FOSS that gives you the ability to "compile" for FPGAs, otherwise you would have to use some proprietary tool.
People are building lot of things on top of that, and I hope more people start workin with FPGAs: dealing with them is still quite hard, especially if compared with MCU programming.
I am sure that in very few years we will see something very interesting in that field.

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    I always wanted to get started with FPGAs. I actually have some hardware and know (or at least knew some) VHDL but I haven't come acrosse a use case in my private side projects. What are you working on?
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    @7400 I am working on stepper-motor control.

    I am programming in myHDL and translating in verilog, at the moment I have an spi slave working.
    The full project is control a 3d printer using machinekit on a raspberry and an icoBoard.

    and yes, myHDL is a subset of... python.
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    @mngr: MyHDL is pretty nice, especially for testing, because you have the full power of Python.

    So you went with an FPGA just because? Or is there anything anything a microcontroller can't do?
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    @7400 I have been thinking a lot about this, I went fpga because the products I want to copy all use fpga, so I took it as a standard.

    the pwm module that is in quite any mcu can do the job, and pheraps even just the gpios, since stepper motors don't run *that* fast.

    still, I don't know why I see only fpga in motor control...

    maybe stepper motor can run really fast and even pwm peripherals aren't suited for this job...
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