I know a guy who's been working for a company for 7 months self employed. Covering their shortage as a modest rate of a ton a day, with a weeks notice on the days in, typically 2 or 3 days each week. The company is now offering 3x months fixed contract PAYE 5 days but wants 80 a day now. And now recruiting for other full time staff. What do you reckon, is he going to get used and then replaced as the new guys get trained up?

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    I think he has to make a move NOW and show confidence that he will be even more of a gain for the company if employed full time.

    If he fails to make that point convincingly, he will be passed over.
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    It's not full time though. It's a 3x month contract. Whilst they get 2x other people in. I feel they will use him for the 3x months then get rid whist he trains up the new guys. I should add the new guys will be on apprentice low pay so like 60 quid a day
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    A ton isn't a 1000 if you're not used to old British slang. It's a 100.
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