Almost 4 years at the current startup which never really took of... (50ppl)
They fired 4 VP's at once: Product,R&D,Support,Finance.

Got an offer from a very successful startup (+400ppl)

Would you stay or would go?

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    Sounds like a wise decision would be preparing your CV anyway, I think for stability I'd jump ship anyway.

    So long as it's a good offer that is.
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    Whether you go to the new company or not, it sounds like you should be actively looking anyway. If this new company is a good fit for you, and the work, pay, and benefits appeal to you then yes, definitely apply.
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    Its a no brainer..
    As long as pay is good
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    I will switch as 4 years is long time, even 2 years is enough to show your stability. By the way now a days skill more matters, 6 month to 1 year is fine if your skills are very strong.
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