Yesterday, no packages update for 14 days. Things get eerily quiet. Today....

Followup To https://devrant.com/rants/1755623/...

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    I am NOT updating this. Something is terribly wrong.
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    @rant1ng do what it says and see if the list is OK
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    @620hun it is not.

    I know what happened.

    I use wsl 16.04.
    I started the upgrade process to 18.04
    But changed my mind.
    Ctrl - c, then forgot about it.
    Went to sleep.
    Woke up next day.
    Sudo apt upgrade
    Got this shit.
    Posted this rant.
    Researched it for 20 minutes.
    I'm in a world of hurt.
    I need to schedule a day to handle it.
    In the meantime, shit works.
    Let's leave it there for now.
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