im about to fail and repeat the whole year of college and if that happens i am no longer going to try. i gave my best and sacrificed my time every day for 2 years to the cumsuckers who don't appreciate someone elses effort. goodbye.

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    Don't quit. Life has it's road blocks. Don't let them stop you, climb over them. You can do this.
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    Hard to deny it's a waste of time, do the minimum to pass and invest your time learning a new language and improving your dev skills.
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    Grades are a measurement for the “quality” of the results and not for the effort. You should say goodbye if you are not able to fulfill the minimum requirements to finish the year. I wish you all the best for your alternative career.
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    I wonder where students get the idea that their "effort" should be rewarded instead of the results.

    When I studied, we were around 200 initially. After one year, 50% had already dropped out although the real weed-out courses were yet to come, and these made quite some more students quit.

    That's a good thing because I wouldn't want them as co-workers later when they'd put in "effort" and I'd be expected to make their shit work.
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    @lastNick depends who grades and the system, in my experience, a well established system does measure result quality among other things but badly implemented grading systems or no system at all result in grades being a reflection of how much you pandered to the teacher, how much of the bulk work you finished, how many times you didn't question what you were told or even if you let the teacher hit on you.

    It's comparing a job where you are paid to code high quality algorithms vs one that pays you for lines of code written, a factory vs a sweatshop, you get the point.
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    @Fast-Nop @lastNick you are so fucking retarded.

    that's literally like me saying "we need a software engineer. oh you are good at software engineering but you suck at speaking japanese language? no worries, let me weed you out"
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    @SukMikeHok I don't believe that CS studies have something as unrelated as Japanese for mandatory courses. And if they have, that college is crap and you shouldn't have been there.

    However, a lot of students just havn't bothered to check out what their studies actually are about and then wonder when they wake up to reality. CS is a whole fucking lot of math and not primarily about hacking something together.

    Btw., that's also why I didn't go for CS, and I did check it out beforehand.
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    @JKyll I got the point. That’s why I put the word quality in “”.

    When I have to grade my students I use objective grading schemes.
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