I’m currently watching Stargate SG1 (tok’ra 2/2) and by goa’uld (sorry) I’d love to be part of a dev team working on a stargete MMO!

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    Yes, absolutely! :D

    (I'm currently rewatching Stargate - stuck somewhere in season 4 - and I'm just happily giggling about all the CRT monitors and blinking oscilloscopes and other instruments they used on set to create e.g. the star gate control room tech.)
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    I’m rewatching it on TV every weekday morning, total nostalgia!
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    Hello fellow Stargate fans. :D I'm glad I'm not alone here.

    I loved the Tok'Ra episodes. <3

    I should re watch it too...

    and Atlantis.

    even Universe!

    Why did it ever get discontinued T_T
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    @hasu dunno, I’d love them to bring it back in the same way they did Star Trek Discovery it maybe for another film?
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