When did you guys start to learn a new language?

Right now I only know C++ and I'd like to learn a new language but I never have the time

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    After I got tired of C++ I moved onto Java and Javascript. If you know C++ you can easily go to any language out there.
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    Well i started with js and php in highschool summer vacations. Learnt cpp in university.
    You can find time every day. you just have to manage it. Try to free up one or two hours daily in evening and learn with a book , online play area, some video course or whatever approach you want
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    @starrynights89 yeah I've heard that about C++ before which makes me want to learn other languages even more
    but my problem isn't exactly how hard it is or which language to learn, it's just hard for me to find the time to learn and practice a new language
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    @AhmedZak You generally a need a new project idea to get you in the habit. In my case it was going from making games in C++ to building web applications in Java. I ended up enjoying backend development more then making games.
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    Commit to 30 minutes a day. Some days you’ll just do 30, other days you’ll get sucked in for hours. Find a course on Udemy that builds something you think looks cool. JavaScript is great if you’d like to build cool websites. Python is great if you want to do data projects. Lots of courses available for both for $20 or less.
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    If you know one programming language so u've got the idea of programming in general, what matters for a new language is only the syntax and a few side features of each lang.
    So just feel free to google and dive into lots of free stuff.
    (I , myself , learned c++ with deitel and learned java and python using google)
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    I went from C++ to Java and loved it, the Java libraries have so many goodies to help you out with your projects, it's great.
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    Rust I would be my suggestion as it's similar
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