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Does anybody have a motivational story about starting as an intern and working towards your end goal ? (front end developer / back end developer or whatever it might be that you do now)

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    Took my first front-end (well, from *.psd to WordPress and set up in server) job without having a clue about JS or any scripting/programming really. It was custom portfolio design implementing Apple Cover Flow style layout and modals. Eventually I chose jQuery, which back then was a thing especially when heavy animations needed in project since CSS animations support was very poor. I built that Cover Flow thing up from zero, because I didn't find any gallery or layout similar to this to reverse engineer or study. It was massive introduction to arrays, callbacks, events, AJAX, jQuery plugin concept, prototypes, Vimeo API (froogaloop.js) and shit like that. I took me helluva lot of time, fortunately my client was very patient and understood layout complexity. There was couple of times I felt like- enough, it's too much for my skills, but I continued and finished that project. Sadly it's not live anymore.
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    @norman70688 First of all, thank you for sharing your story ! And damn.. kudos for sticking to the project and finishing it completely ! Would've loved seeing it
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    To think about it, I'm kind of happy it's not live today, because that code probably is just, you know, noob to say the least I guess. :D
    But yeah, to complete this avantry and build layout that was crammed all types of fade in/outs, parallax background, moving divs, DOM manipulation, etc. without previous knowledge about any of that, even basic stuff, was a huge motivation for me.
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    @norman70688 Yeah I can imagine ! I started this year in January an "internship" with a friend of mine who is a full stack developer. I learned so much and even got the chance to now follow a Traineeship at a pretty big agency. My Traineeship ends in november and then they're going to decide if they want me as their new junior front-end developer. It's super exciting because I do not have a IT background whatsoever. It's super motivating for me to do what I love and be surrounded by so many great developers. And I'm always curious about other people's stories, tips and tricks to become better ! So thanks again, really appreciate it !
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