Waiting for EU great firewall.

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    And memes will be the ones who pay for it
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    I was on the protest last week and there were about 50 people so no-one gives a fuck anyway.
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    One more fucking thing about this shit.

    There is something called accessibility to freedom motherfuckers.

    Nobody who is on this portal would be fucked by this law. The real harm is caused to poor people who can't afford or got no knowledge how to deal with this shit. They got cuffed.

    Every foreign company and every developer who is not supporter of those voters should refuse to do those systems.

    Those fuckers who voted and their supporters should do it.

    Foreign companies should just move out from EU if they are forced to do it.

    But no in this corporate bullshit world where mooooooneeeeey is more important, green charts and shareholders tiny whiners before people.

    Nobody cares about freedom of speech unless it's correct freedom of speech.

    I need to smoke this shit out.

    Fuck you all, again I think

    P.S. read - Cory Doctorow - Content

    And yeah he don't gives a fuck whether you buy it or download it.
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    They're so weird, GDPR was a big step towards forcing companies to be privacy focused. And now here comes the copyright bullshit.

    Copyright needs to die, fucking hate it.
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