'CTO': We need this application to be desktop, client-server and self-installable(like a multiplayer game. Counter-Strike for example. Only here we are talking about a business application)
Me: (20 min explanation of the complications and limitations of the architecture).
'CTO': Don't worry. We're gonna explain all that on the user manual.

'CTO': I got an idea. What if we deploy the client separately. It will be a dumb client. It will contain just views. That way you don't have to code an API.

The guy was thinking that a dumb client is like a remote desktop window where all is happening on the other side.🤦

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    No problem: just build a website and deliver a client software based on electron.
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    @lastNick Thanks! I'm going to use electron. But luckily i convinced my 'CTO' not to do it client-server.
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