So I finally did it and quit my job.
The new company seemed to be a really realy nice place to work.
And yesterday I heard that they even allow one colleague to sleep 2 nights a week in the office because rents are high and he otherwise lives far away. They even bought a sleeping couch and a washing machine for him. O.O

can't wait to start to work there!

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    I'm sorry, but I have to ask: How do you do surgery with a shotgun? Can you do micro too?

    (Sounds like a great place, by the way)
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    @Jilano amputations mostly. And pet sacrifices
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    @perotti Fair enough. Good thing is, it must be pretty fast.
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    @Jilano Most of the time it's aim and fire on little bugs while destroying everything around it... but the bug is fixed!
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