I love Nvidia's apathetic attitude to Linux support. It makes it so much more economical for me every time I need to upgrade my GPU - the mid-upper tier previous generation cards are always available for around the same price as a lower tier current generation card. There is no buyers remorse when the only things I'm missing out on by not going bleeding edge are kernel panics and random reboots.

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    My 1080 works well with Linux, and RTX hasn't dropped yet, but I'm an advocate of buying used parts and devices you buy a 2 year old laptop that works pretty much as well as the current gen except you have drivers and firmware updates/fixes and you pay half the price.
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    @Hallelouia Do you use CUDA? I returned a 1050 because it was fine for general desktop use and games but I was getting constant crashes for work that I wasn't having pre-upgrade and which went away when I "downgraded" to a 970. I can't justify paying an early adopter premium to be less productive.
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    @nathanchere i don't use CUDA.
    my home tower is a entertainment computer if I want to do work I whip out my laptop which fits my working needs better because I have been working and configuring it for a little more than a year video games work fine though.
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    That's one way to look at it I guess 🙃 I admire your level of positivity!
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    HPC gpu accelerators from AMD cannot come soon enough.
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