Life of an tech lead.
Hire a candidate with little to no experience in relevant technology - > train said resource - > resource becomes productive - > plan enhancements as work load can be shared. - > resource switches projects or firm - > goto step 1 and overtime to complete enhancements. FML

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    Include monetary growth incentives:

    During trial/testing period, the employee makes X ammount of sallary;
    During full employment, the said employee makes X+Y ammount;
    After completing their training/knowlege transfer period with now added responsibilities/workloas, the employee now makes X+Y+Z ammount of money;

    ..the reason for leaving after receiving training/knowlege often isn't the lack of interest but due to finding a better paid position.
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    @theKarlisK I wish my finance and hr were on devrant. Nobody listens to me. Hence the rant. 😔
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