Math is defined as the following:

Giving you answers to questions you never had.

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    Johnny has 128 bottles of soap. If he-
    “Why the hell does Johnny have so much damn soap?”
    He’s a doomsday prepper, idk.
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    Teacher - If there are 3 ducks on a fence. One gets shot and falls off the fence. How many ducks are left?

    Student - 0

    Teacher - what the fuck? There are..

    Student - ..0 ducks left. Ducks are easily frightened
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    Although you really don’t get any new information... you just transform the one you have into something more understandable. Example:
    x=8/2+3 //Shows that x is 8/2+3 so we already know its value
    x=4+3 //The same thing, except it is easier to understand
    x=7 //You hopefully get it =P
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    Math is tautology.
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