Oh for crying out loud. Master/Slave has been the defacto way to describe dependent interactions between electronics since the birth of the silicon chip. Even IDE used to implement it as a standard for running multiple devices over a single cable. Just because a handful of fresh faced 18 year old kids think the world owes them a soap box and a rock to hang themselves over, it does not mean the world has to bend to this oversaturated retribution complex that seems to be affecting every college student lately. Grow the fuck up.

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    You sound like those old men in movies that want things to stay the same, blaming the newest generations.

    I agree with you though.
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    Parent/Child has also been used for a long time to describe processes
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    @inaba No, not for servers.
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    @inaba different functionality. That's where the child process relies on the parent process for functional input, not where the sub-process performs a task for the overhead process. At least, that's how its supposed to be, the definition is somewhat murky now thanks to things like multithreading and library frameworks.
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    @PrivateGER Parent/child processes on servers?
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