Fuck Apple right in the eye hole for trying (and probably succeeding) to normalize phone pricing at hundreds of dollars above the current market. This is going to make Android OEMs follow suit, and the world gets a little shittier for everyone.

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    There are plenty of phones at lower price points. If people want to buy $1000 phones, let them. I've never paid more than $150 for a phone.
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    It's funny because we all saw it coming years ago. Remember those jokes "$500?!...$600?!....$700?!...$800? The home button better carry me home!" Now we see a $1000 retail price and it's like "eh...." Is this what you would consider conditioning??
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    I really dislike the prices and how most vendors in Android follow suit. There have been attempts at making other phone products with more affordable options such as Jolla and the ubuntu phone. But none have succeeded thus far. Specially not in the U.S where getting insids the iPhone and Android dominated market is nigh impossible. :(
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    It's going to be fun. When the least expensive phone will be at €500+, I'll just stop having one.
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    Apple is not setting the trend, they're shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion. Some will pay $1k for a phone, but most of my coworkers have been switching to cheaper options.

    The smartphone market is saturated, competition is killing, you can buy an emergency Android phone for $80 and a GOOD Android for $250.

    Range of prices is increasing for sure, while the range of features is decreasing.

    If you don't give a crap about triple cameras, you turn off the dumb fingerprint scanner, and don't mind a little bezel at the top & bottom, there's absolutely zero reason to buy a flagship.

    And if you are an iPhone fan: They're still selling brand new "old" models.
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    Everyone is already staring to drop the fucking notch so we may see some segregation in the market.
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